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Never Forget!

Great Reading!
By James Pittmanon June 9, 2014

Many people forget that during the Vietnam War era there was another war going on; one that had been raging since the 1950’s – the Cold War.

While brave men were dying in Vietnam, equally brave men were facing an enemy much more lethal than those in Southeast Asia – namely the Soviet Union.

Redeye Fulda Cold brings to light the rigors and experiences of those in the 3AD, as well as humorous anecdotes of life in the US Military in Europe in the 1960’s.

The Cold War, places like the Fulda Gap, and the threats and missions our soldiers faced in this environment are all but forgotten except by those that served there and veterans of that era, will find this book especially memory-invoking. Redeye Fulda Cold opens the window pane of military history during the Cold War in an interesting and especially accurate manner, and it is a must read!