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  1. MEDELLIN ACAPULCO COLD A Cold War Adventure with Rick Fontain Book 3

    Revisiting the Cold War – lest we forget…

    Maryland author Bill Fortin has worked for Bell Labs and is now the CEO of Cold War Publications. A Master’s degree in the Management Sciences from the University of Baltimore. But more pertinent to this, his third novel in the Rick Fontain Series is the fact that having served in the US Army 3rd Armor Division from 1968 to 1970 he understands and has witness the horrors of war and its aftermath on soldiers

    Bill’s writing style is that of a seasoned war historian as well as a man who understands engineering technology. To provide further background information he opens his book with a Prologue set in the 1980s in Russia and then opens the nidus of the tale with a conversation between on outed members of the KGB, moving quickly on to 1987.

    The novel is complex and to understand and appreciate the impact of the message, Bill offers a synopsis on his book’s back cover: ‘: In March 1987, the CIA’s Operation Acapulco Cold took on the Medellín cartel. The journey would be dangerous. The alternative for not recovering the nuke would be too horrible to imagine. A theft occurs as a result of President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev’s treaty agreement in January 1986. Russian SS-20 medium-range missiles were removed from Eastern Europe and their nuclear MIRV packages removed. A shadow group inside the failing Russian government steals three of the nose-cone assembles. A Russian named Geonov is charged with selling one of these devices to the Medellin cartel. The asking price was $40 million dollars in cash. Pablo Escobar did not even blink when he was offered one. Operation Acapulco Cold is the detailed action taken by the CIA to address this life-altering situation.’

    Bill Fortin places the facts of the Cold War before us in a manner that will prevent us from forgetting that period in history and its impact on global politics today. Not only is he a very fine writer, but he also is a standard bearer who reminds the reader of the atrocities of the Cold War and the manner in which we as a country dealt with it. Very highly recommended. Grady Harp, May 19, 2019.

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