Cold War Publications

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  1. I stumbled upon Bill’s first book Redeye Fulda Cold and really liked it so I decided to try his follow-up. Great read! Can’t wait to read the next one. Much of this book reads like a screen play and I can easily see it being adapted for the big screen. From the opening scene in the elevator to the scene high on the narrow path to the helicopter attacks, crashes and the sad death of Rick’s friend and fellow Stinger expert Andy Davis this book has it all. Terrific international locations and cast of characters and compelling story of providing and attempting to control the transfer of weapons and expertise needed for their use to be successful. You feel immersed in the detailed descriptions of locations in Afghanistan, Kula Lumpur, London, etc. The politics of war and weaponry is on display from the President Ronald Reagan to the Pakistani ISI. to the men that leave it all on the battlefield. Bill’s greatest strength as an author may be his ability to make you question how much of this is fact and how much is fiction.

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